Custom Workout Design: Specific To Your Goals & Circumstance

Custom Workout Design: Specific To Your Goals & Circumstance

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This is an email service where I will create a routine for you based on:

1) Your goals, whether this is a primary goal of gaining muscle or concurrent/multiple goals.

2) Your circumstances and preferences.

3) This will also include a discussion around goal optimisation. 

Upon purchase of this service, reply back to your confirmation email with some details so I can create a routine for you. Some prompts to help you:

1) What are your goals? 

2) What is your current BW/Height?
3) How many days a week are you likely to train? Also do you have a preference for a type of split you enjoy? (FB/PPL/UL etc).
4) Are there any injuries you're working around?
5) Do you train in a well equipped commercial gym, or home gym? If home gym can you list what equipment you have available to you.
6) Any other relevant details to creating a workout plan for you are welcome here.